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Managing director, SCC

A well-known entrepreneur having global experience of working with multinational companies like ITC, BOI, NESTLE in the field of marketing and advertisement. Through Simar Career Consultants Pvt.Ltd offering his 45 years of experience of working and guiding in the field of business and careers in India and across various countries abroad. His main object as director is to create a platform through SCC to make an affordable platform to guide students in education and career counselling by assisting through his experience and courses and services at SCC.

“Opportunities comes to those who gets the best and in time advices” ~ Jagtar Singh.

Contact: +91-8527770854/+91-9354219759

Email: [email protected]

  1. Rahul Sisodia


Mr. Rahul Sisodia, has done bachelor’s and MBA from Europe. He has travelled and done Erasmus studies to many European countries and acquired knowledge to guide students in their further studies. He had an experience in career counselling and helping students to choose the rightpath of study in foreign countries. For him personally, studying abroad in different countries of Europe allowed him to glimpse the kind of future he might want to lead. He believes, it is so important, today, to have a solid understanding of different cultures, and he thinks sending students abroad is an easy way to set up our generation to be a more global-minded society.” I am glad to be a part of this unique venture.

Contact: +91-9810321668

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  1. Pradeep Sharma


He is a versatile technology leader with 30 years experiences in a National and International News Media. A master’s in journalism, He is a freelance writer in the area of culture and arts, travel, education and new age careers. His mentoring philosophy is based on hands-on experiences and action learning.

Contact: +91-9717863636

Email: [email protected]

  1. Praveen Malik


Contact: +91-9555605424

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Our foreign representativeandpartners

SAI SIVA-Marketing executives (Czech Republic & Finland, Europe)

He has done MBA from Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic.Simar Career Consultantstakes pride in bringing out the best from students.As a career consultant, beginning from finding the best university around the world to providing fundamental knowledge about the regional language simar does its role flawlessly. Being global is a new normal and so the goal of Simar Career Consultantswherein the exposure that the global community creates within you will highlight the best out of best in you. As an MBA graduate from Central Europe the way I see the world as an international learner constructs me new opportunities and vital career growth.

During the exchange program of 6months in Finland, I got to live in various cultures that are created by students gathered across the globe.

By this way, I received a chance to interact with other international students which helps me to think extensively in later years.

Contact: +420-723660070

Email: [email protected]

Harjeet Singh- Marketing executives (Estonia Latvia, Europe)

The best part of Simar Career Consultants is the people. I work with a team of talented people with an amazing passion to work. The people at SCC have simply become part of my family and being with this team helped me develop myself as a person. I amglad to be a part of this unique venture.

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Email: [email protected]